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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yeah! Weddings Cake Giveaway - UPDATE!

Remember that killer free wedding contest we were promoting earlier this year with YEAH! Weddings? The winners were selected and the wedding was had, and the results... let's just say I have made two new friends of the bride and groom that I see quite regularly.

Every step of the wedding planning process with Melanie + Kelcey was photographed, even the cake and dessert tasting with yours truly. 

You can view Part 1 of the entire behind the scenes planning process from the dress, to the tasting, to the drinking! on Green Wedding Shoes  AND 100 Layer Cake

We had a really great time crafting this unique and truly unconventional wedding cake display for Melanie + Kelcey with the help of Bash, Please. It's one of my favorite cakes to date. A palette of blue petite fours displayed upon white canvases to create a more literal interpretation of "Cake as Art".

Congrats to my pals Kelcey + Melanie!!

See Part 2 of their journey on Green Wedding Shoes AND 100 Layer Cake.

The collective of wedding professionals that made this couple's wedding possible are without a doubt the best in the business, and it was a pleasure to be part of this group:

Bash, Please
Our Labor of Love
Max Wagner
Shark Pig
Yeah! rentals
Tehra Thorp (T3)
Geronimo Balloons
Casa de Perrin
Jeffrey Valet
Lovely Bride
All Saints
Grunion Run
Symmetry Beauty
Copper Willow
LA Follies
Ace Hotel
Renaissance Album


CL said...

this looks AMAZING!!! I love the non traditional display, and the pics of your consultation look like you had a blast :)

Kudos to the bride, and you the baker for such a kick ass job. You rock scooty

sanam arzoo said...

Oh my goodness...what an incredible project and your final wedding cake appearance FANTASTIC! Well done :) therefore glad to possess discovered your site!When meeting your cake decorator for the primary time, bring the maximum amount data as possible; theme of the marriage, color of your dress, woman dress and inspiration from the area and flowers. it'll create the choice easier.

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